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Jiqun Chen

    Personal profile

Born in 1947, he was admitted to the Affiliated Middle School of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1963.
In 1967, he jumped the queue in Mandu Baolige, East Wuqi, Inner Mongolia, and returned to Beijing in 1980.
In the 1980s, he became a professional painter. In the 1990s, he commuted between sketching in pastoral areas and holding exhibitions abroad.
In 1999, he participated in the Once Prairie three-man exhibition.
In 2000, he founded the website ( and ) and engaged in grassland painting and ecological protection work.
In 2015, he was awarded "Advanced Cultural Worker Award" of Mongolia.
Currently, he has several websites and works with environmental ngos in charge of the grassland special fund, Nomadic Painting and environmental protection.

Media reports:
Central Video Mongolian channel: Chen Jiqun nomadic between painting and environmental protection



  Artworks Background






The Solitary Landscape of Chen Jiqun  

Dr. Zakaria Ali
Associate Professor, U.S.M.
Ph.D.( Harvard U. )


Chen Jiqun Mongolian Landscape resemble the open sea, with the horizon forever receding. Chen Jiqun treats such vastness as an integral component in his composition, adjusting it to suit his needs, either at eye-level, below or beneath it. The horse serves as a scale with which to measure the vast breathtaking grassland that is brutal in the winter and unforgiving in the summer. To capture these elemental qualities, Chen Jiqun intrudes only minimally. He places a peasant boy leaning on a pole while his horse takes a drink; a girl in her ethnic costume resting her arm on a fence; a stallion displaying her mane that resembles the curls of a lady's hair; a dirt path leading to an isolated farm; a stream winding across the treeless plains. Common things pretending to be nothing else, they emerge in a given vignette unobtrusively, as quiet as the breeze in spring.

The inhabitants exert their presence like a quail stepping out of the marsh The inhabitants exert their presence like a quail stepping out of the marsh, cautiously. They refrain from competing with the configurations of undulating mountains, the moist laden clouds, and the sky, the recurrent leitmotifs that evanescent quality, a poetic softness of localized tonal blending. In "Shepherd", for example, the horse is made to blend with the background, suggesting its spirit is spirit is one with that of nature, symbolized by the ubiquitous spread of whiteness. The characters are withdrawn into their own inner space, brooding, resigning. Like prairie peoples of other continents, they are tough, self-reliant, and solitary.

The harshness of prairie life is best exemplified by "Out of Mongolian Tent", "Young Mongolian", and "Camel" in which the unpredictability of the weather is hinted by the many-layered clothing and the ever faithful family dog, coded in their survival manial is reliance on domestic animals, rather than on man, a theme these works explore with such consummate skill.

(June 1, 2001)





Second Hometown - Inner Mongolia TV Station (August 1998, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of XiMeng Educated youth jumping the queue)



Painter devotes artistry to protecting environment in Inner Mongolia


Nomadic crusader(2012)


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Classmates in 2013

In 2015, Mongolia awarded the award ceremony for "Wolf Totem"

Investigating wild animals in Mongolia in 2018

2019 Echoing Steppe ArtShow



The Vatican City  2019


The Italian Republic.  Roma City Museum  2019

Paiting in Florence  2019


In 1998, I sketched in Mandubaolige, East  Ujumchin Banner:            



Paiting in Beijing  2019





 "Echoing Steppe Art Show 2019" Chen Jiqun Works Catlogue:





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