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Steppe sketches and oil paintings

The area of East Ujumchin Banner in Inner Mongolia is larger than Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium, and the wild plant species and vegetation types are extremely rich and diverse

The East Ujumchin Banner are 1027 species of wild vascular plants in East Wuqi, which is the most abundant wild plant species and vegetation types in Inner Mongolia.

I jumped the queue there from 1967-1980 and made about a thousand sketches of life, which I later organized into nearly a thousand oil paintings:


Once the four seasons of East Ujumchin Banner of Steppe:


Spring is the busiest lambing season for herders


Three months of summer pasture and herdsmen life happily


Autumn is the season when everything reserves energy


For six months in winter, the grasslands are quiet and repose

Still existent oil paintings

 (about 513 pieces   > Numbered


Already sold & collected

(about 270 pieces)    >Numbered

Steppe theme works (about 220 pieces)

Malaysian sketch works (about 80)

Other sketching oil paintings (about 77), studio sketching 163 +27


Steppe theme works and other paintings of portraits, bodies and landscapes have been collected:








I have painted about 100 portraits and landscape oil sketches in Malaysia, of which have 35 are bin collected.

. . .        
Other works (about 77)      


More oil paintings:My works in Xuanwu Studio are about 163 pieces:


More oil paintings Kowloon Hill Studio about 30 paintings.




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